Michael Tyler Travis

… graduated from Alabama Southern Community College in Monroeville, Alabama in 2001 earning an Associate of Science degree in Forest Technology.

Subsequently, Tyler graduated in 2008 from Auburn University’s School of Forestry and Wildlife Sciences with a Bachelor of Science degree in Forestry.  Tyler is a Registered Forester in both Alabama and Mississippi and has been involved in company operations since his early childhood.


Tyler has continued his education and professional development through numerous forestry and wildlife short courses and received various designations of professionalism. Tyler is a prescribed burn manager in Alabama and Mississippi where he prescribes fire for many client, forest, and wildlife driven land management objectives. Tyler has worked continuously to be expedient with the latest GPS, GIS, and forest inventory software used by the largest forest management firms in the region.

Passionate about the many wildlife benefits resulting from sound forest management practices, Tyler spends much of his free time in the outdoors as well. Private property rights, promotion of forest products as a renewable resource, land and hunting heritage, and conservation are cornerstone principles binding Tyler to his profession and passions.

Having studied timberland investments and economics extensively, Tyler is engaged in timberland sales and acquisitions with Travis Timberlands. Integration of forest technology, knowledge of local markets, and analytical skills provide Tyler a level of expertise required to provide competent advice to clients contemplating timberland sales and acquisition projects.

Timberland investments, management of investment grade timberland, longleaf pine and bottom-land hardwood systems, define just a few of the related interests that shapes Tyler’s long list of goals and objectives.  His land management philosophy integrates forest economics with site productivity to enhance timberland investment performance, while clients develop productive, healthy forests that benefit society, wildlife and forested eco-systems.

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