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State Commissions for Alabama and Mississippi govern the conduct of licensed real estate brokers.  Edward Travis, the qualifying broker for the firm, is often called on to co-broker agreements with other qualified brokers, licensed in States that offer reciprocity, as does Alabama and Mississippi.


As licensed professionals in a family owned firm, Ed and Tyler Travis are registered foresters.  Ed is the qualifying broker for the firm, and is a licensed and registered forester in Alabama and Mississippi.  Tyler, also a licensed and registered forester in the States of Alabama and Mississippi, is a licensed Alabama real estate agent.



We are a full service timberland brokerage, consulting forestry and real estate appraisal firm. Since 1985, the firm has been committed to the highest standards of conduct providing professional forestry consulting services, best use practices for land management, and land sale brokerage services.


Protecting the environmental, and long-term economic and financial interests of our clients, we adhere strictly to the Code of Conduct and Standards defined by the Association of Consulting Foresters and regulatory agencies overseeing the practices of real estate brokerage, consulting forestry and real property appraisal.



Since 1985,  Edward F. Travis Company, Inc and Travis Timberlands has provided consulting forestry, land sales services, timberland management, forestry consulting and real estate appraisal services.


As professional foresters and property appraisers, we adhere strictly to the codes of conduct and standards of the regulatory agencies that govern real estate sales, forestry consulting and property appraisals.


Respected and trusted by local and regional land holders, agencies and investors, we serve a diverse clientele of private land holders, corporations, industrial conglomerates and enterprises.

Edward F. Travis
M. Tyler Travis
Registered Forester/Agent
Diane O. Travis
Office Administration